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Company Name Crane Projects
ABCO One 5 Tonne R & M Crane 50'-0" Span.
ACME Welding One 3 Tonne R & M U.R. 40'-0" Span U.R. Crane.
Ben Wiebe Construction Brandon, MB Supply and install 2-Ton and 5-Ton top running cranes.
Bristol Aerospace Numerous 1/2 tonne to 2 tonne cranes, jibs and monorails.
Canadian Guide Rail Six 5 tonne Kone cranes.
CFB Shilo One 25 tonne and one 10 tonne Kone crane.
CFB Shilo One 25 tonne and one 10 tonne Kone crane.
CFB Winnipeg One 2 tonne crane.
City of Winnipeg Sewage Treatment Plant; Supply and install two 5,000 lbs capacity hoist with hydraulic clamshell; Supply 2 gantry cranes .
CLE Rentals Fabricate 2 ton jib crane.
CN Rail Symington Yard Two 2 tonne Kone U.R. cranes.
CN Rail Transcona Design, supply and install two 2-ton overhead cranes with runways. Rebuild 10 ton, 130 span wheel handling crane.
CP Rail Edmonton One 10 tonne Kone crane.
D & M Welding One 3 Tonne 40'-0 Span R & M Crane, Two - 1.5 Tonne Hoists.
Dominion Construction Supply and install three 3-Ton cranes for the City of Kenora, ON.
Dynamic Machine Supply and install 2 - 15 ton cranes and 1- 5 ton crane.
E.H. Price One 2 tonne U.R. crane.
Falcon Machinery Two 10 tonne Kone c/w 2 - 5 tonne hoists, 2 ton crane c/w 21 ft bridge, 1 - used 2 ton yale hoist 575V
Gerdau Ameristeel Selkirk, MB - Crane inspections and repairs.
Griffin Canada One 15 tonne custom crane; 3 - 5 ton Kone upgrades; remove existing, supply and install 15 tonne mould pouring crane.
I-Crane Systems - Bucko Lake Crane fabrication 1- 10 ton, 1 - 5 ton, 1 - 3 ton running cranes, Supply and install Tow arm c/w trolley collector shoes for 8 monorail hoists.
Lafarge Canada One 80 tonne Kone hoist and one 50 tonne Kone hoist.
Ledcor (Trans Canada Pipelines) Crane inspections and maintenance.
LTV Copperweld / Atlas Tube Supply and install three 10-Tonne, 90-degree span cranes; One 3 tonne Kone U.R. crane; Crane inspections and maintenance.
Manitoba Rolling Mills One 3 tonne crane.
MB Hydro McArthur Falls One 10 tonne Kone monorail hoist and spreader beam.
MidWest Foods One ½ ton jib crane.
Morris Industries One 3 tonne U.R. crane.
Paramount Glass One 2 tonne R & M Crane.
Pine Falls Paper Company One 10 tonne crane.
Regina Airport - Regina SK One 1 tonne monorail.
Royal Canadian Mint One ½ tonne Kone chain hoist on monorail.
Seelen - Esbjerg, Denmark Fabricate and install automated bale handling overhead crane at Isoboard.
Sonoco Install jib cranes.
Standard Aero Five 3 tonne Kone U.R. cranes; various ½ tonne to 2 tonne jibs and monorails.
Tantalum Mine One 1.6 and one 3 ton R & M monorail hoist.
Vale Inco - Thompson, MB One 20 ton R & M double girder crane, Two 20 ton cranes, One 10 ton crane One 5 ton crane; Supply runway and crane design; Fabricate and ship runway steel electrification; Supply and commission gantry crane.
Westeel, Regina, Sk One 10 tonne Kone overhead crane.
Westfield Industries One 3 tonne and one 5 tonne crane.
Winnipeg Hydro Pointe du Bois, MB - Remove existing cranes, supply & install one 50 ton and one 20 ton overhead crane.