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Pydee Co Ltd. - Conveyor Sales, Installation & Maintenance

Pydee Co Ltd offers sales, installation, maintenance and repair on industrial conveyors for our clients in the Greater Winnipeg area.

Is Driveroll Right For Me?

When weighing your conveyor and investment options, we urge you to ask these most important questions:

  • Can we retrofit our existing conveyor frames?
  • Will the conveyor reduce noise levels?
  • Will it accomplish TRUE zero pressure accumulation?
  • Will it be safe - eliminating chains, guards, or other hazardous pinch points?
  • Will it offer reliability with virtually no maintenance?
  • Will it simplify the reconfiguration of my systems in the future?

Other products:

  • Conveyor components
  • Electric conveyor rollers
  • Express delivery programs
  • Unit handling motorized conveyor pulleys
  • Bulk handling motorized conveyor pulleys
  • Dynamic storage components

The Most Versatile Gravity System

Closely spaced rollers on gravity roller conveyor provide a solid conveying surface for a wide range of materials: fiber and metal drums, slatted crates, baskets, kegs, barrels, and even bags or other soft materials. Plastic-coated rollers are available for applications requiring corrosion resistance, adding to the conveyor's versatility.

The conveyor has:
  • Steel frame with galvanized 1.4Ø - 1.9Ø STD rollers
  • Galvanized frame
  • Aluminum frame with aluminum rollers
  • Available width sizes
  • Rapid Ship
Conveyor belt sales in Winnipeg

Other products:

  • Straight or curved gravity wheel conveyor
  • Straight or curved gravity roller conveyor
  • Slider bed conveyors
  • Belt-on roller conveyors
  • Live roller or line shaft conveyors
  • Flexible expandable conveyors
  • Gate sections and ball transfer plates
  • Model DK hoists
  • Accessories

Expertise in systems design and pre-engineered interfacing equipment, such as transfers, diverters, turntables, and vertical lifts, allows Rapid Industries to offer complete, cost-effective floor conveyor systems for even tough and out-of-the-ordinary jobs.

Rapid Industries offers a full line of floor conveyors:

  • Gravity
  • Powered roller
  • Powered belt
  • Accumulating
  • Tabletop
  • Slat

Drag Chain and Towline conveyors are also available.

  • Rapid conveyor components and replacements
  • Rapid overhead trolley conveyors
  • Rapid Flow® power and free conveyors
  • Rapid Flex® enclosed track overhead conveyors
  • Rapid Flow Q-Flex® enclosed track power and free conveyors
  • Rapid conveyor controls and lubricants

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